Ok, so here’s the plan…


Film Yourself

Doing your thing. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be, you know, you.


Social Media

We post and reach out on social media. But this time, we’re putting our asking price ON THE POST! WTF?

target genre.png

Target Our Fans

We’re offering our ads only to people who like artists in our niche. We can’t miss!

target job.png

Target Our Customers

We’ll only advertise to people who need live music. This is the shizzle.

Our customer WILL be in touch

Our targeting guarantees that she likes our genre, and she needs live music, and we’ve also showed her the price as step No1. She’s pretty much SOLD!


Our Chatbot

We set up a FREE chatbot that will allow the responding customer to ask us these three important questions.


We Take an Email

All three questions are answered by the chatbot who asks for an email address that is then passed to our automatic emailing software. Yeah, this will be free too, if you do it my way.

Our Auto Emails!

When we’ve got the email from the customer, we email them with demos and info, then we can follow up with more info, upsells and even special offers. The whole process is AUTOMATIC if you follow my instructions, grasshopper.


It’s fully effective

This is a fully self sufficient way of getting customers who will pay you extremely well for your live music. I have spent thousands testing this, so you don’t have to. You lucky bugger.


2019-08-20 (12).png

Get the Full Video Course

If you’ve read this far and you won’t give me a few bucks to set this up, dude, you must be shrooming.

If i had this when I was setting out, I’d have been stoked.

The link is below, go for it.

get the full course as an Immediate Download!

We’re now offering the course as an immediate download via Paypal. It’s faster, cheaper, and you don’t need to find someone who still owns a DVD player….